How To Cleanse Colon At Home?

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Colon cleansing is a fast growing practice among people of all ages—especially those in the mid and late adulthood. The reason why colon cleansing has speedily penetrated mainstream diet and lifestyle techniques is due to the fast growing number of people affected with colon related diseases, most especially the threat of colon cancer.

Colon cleansing recipes work by the ideas that as we eat food, a lot of toxins and free radicals are also taken in at the same time. These residues may accumulate inside our GI tract, most especially in our intestines and can provide a breeding ground for parasites and opportunistic bacteria to thrive for growth.

Colon cleansing mainly involves the introduction of solutions or fluids inside the colon to the colon through the anal orifice. These solutions may contain oil, soap solution or simply saline solution which will stimulate the colon to move and evacuate the contents. There are also some methods wherein a person will need to take supplements which will promote expulsion of the contents of our colon including these toxins and harmful chemicals. These supplements may contain laxatives, herbs and dietary supplements which will promote intestinal motility and cleansing.

Fresh Juices

Nothing compares to the effect of natural and fresh juices in cleansing our colon, making them perfect colon cleansing recipes. However, it is important that before starting fresh juice colon cleansing recipes, your body need to be used to fresh fruit diet so introduce a fruit diet to your body for a few days first. Once your body has adjusted to it, you can start doing the diet. Juices of vegetables like parsley, cabbage, carrots, and spinach are known to be effective colon cleansing recipes. Also, adding fresh orange juice or other forms of fruit juices can lessen the strength and pungent odor of these veggies.

Lemonade Colon Cleansing

In this colon cleansing recipe, a person is expected to drink nothing but a specific mixture of lemonade for ten days only. The person can drink this form of lemonade up to eight glasses per day. Don’t fret as the composition of this lemonade is rich and sufficient enough to provide you energy to last for the entire day. At first attempt, you may feel dehydrated and hypoglycemic because your body is not used to not being able to digest real food but this will fade away. Take note—never do this diet in more than ten days!

Apple Cider + Honey Drink

Apple cider works wonders! Apart from treating many disorders of the GI system, it can also cleanse the colon effectively. Mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water and adding honey to counter the acidic taste is a good way of cleansing one’s intestines.

Apart from these colon cleansing recipes, there are also others which can aid in cleansing one’s GI Tract like olive oil, flax seed and ginger juice. Whatever type of colon cleansing recipes you use, be sure to know if it is safe for your condition to do colon cleansing. Ask the advice of your physician with regard to the correct method to employ for a safer and more effective method of losing toxins inside your colon!




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