How To Combat UTI Effectively?

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Nothing can feel more irritating than the pain and burning sensation that one may feel with urinary tract infection. If you are a female—chances are, you’ve already contracted such condition at least twice. Urinary tract infection is a common condition that occurs in the urinary tract, especially among women. The reason for this is because women have a relatively shorter urethra than that of men. Furthermore, the female’s urinary meatus/ exit point of the urine is in close proximity to the anus—the reservoir of the E. coli bacteria which usually cause UTI. Collectively, unhygienic practices are the most common causes of UTI among women. However, this does not exempt men from this condition. Men can also possibly suffer from UTI, however at a lowered incidence compared to women.

Urinary Tract Infection Remedies: Natural Treatments

Drink Enough Fluid. When you drink enough fluid, you are stimulated to pass more urine. With more frequent urination, the bacteria in the walls of the urinary tract are also expelled out of the system, leading to fewer amounts of bacterial colonies inside.

Cranberry Juice. Similarly, taking citrus juices, most especially cranberry juice is very beneficial. Cranberry juice is acidic and also increases the acidity of the urine. With a more acidic urine, bacteria will most likely be killed. Apart from making the urine acidic, one good thing that makes cranberry juice one of the effective urinary tract infection remedies is that it contains proanthocyanins.

Uva Ursi. On the other hand, uva ursi is another herbal remedy for treating urinary tract infection. Uva ursi has been known to contain antiseptic chemicals which when excreted by the kidneys destroy the bacteria in the urinary tract. However, it should be noted that Uva ursi can be toxic in large amounts because it contains tannin—a chemical which our intestines do not absorb.

Avoid Bubble Bath and Tub Baths. Immersing yourself in these baths can lead to the entrance of bacteria into your urinary tract. Shower is more preferred to there is downward pull of the bacteria from the urinary tract.

Do Not Hold Urine For Too Long. The rule of thumb in preventing UTI is to pass urine when the urge comes. Holding it while at work, school or in any place is not healthy—once you feel the urge, pass it out. When your urinary tract holds too much urine, bacteria may form inside the walls of the urinary tract.

Urinary Tract Infection Remedies: Medications

Urinary tract infection can be so annoying because of the pain that one can experience. Not only that—UTI can also lead to other discomforts like a feeling of bladder fullness, urinary frequency and urgency… and sometimes, fever! And like a usual bacterial infection, it may take days to weeks before one can completely recover from UTI. There are a lot of medical treatments that can be employed to treat a urinary tract infection such as taking urinary antiseptics like Nitrofurantoin, urinary antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin and urinary analgesics like Phenazopyridine.





  1. UTIs are so annoying! I used to get them really frequently and now I work for ellura, a natural cranberry supplement, and I take it once a day, and haven’t had one since. Thanks for the informative article!

  2. urinary tract infections are very annoying to bear. they produce many intolerable symptoms. so we need to use some sort of natural remedies that are available at home in stead of using antibiotics. i think that cranberry juice is very effective for curing bladder infection

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