How To Cure Canker Sores Fast?

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Getting a canker sore is definitely an experience you will never want to happen, ever again! When you get a canker sore on your mouth, lips or inner cheeks, all you would want to do is to get this canker sore out of your system. Why? Because of so much pain and sensitivity—most especially during mealtime and especially when you eat hot and spicy foods, these moments will not be the best moments of the day, the way mealtimes are supposed to feel.

Canker sores are indeed pesky and getting rid of them is a bit “pesky” too. The thing with canker sores is that these sores do not heal immediately. They usually start as small lesions inside the mouth—but as days pass, these sores will grow large and these can become too painful and irritating.

Canker sore causes are indefinite—however, most of these canker sores arise from viral and bacterial infection, intake of foods like spicy and hot foods, and sometimes due to mechanical causes like accidentally biting the lips or tongue and the likes. To those using orthodontic appliances like braces and retainers, canker sores are very common! Also, people with low immunity are more prone to developing canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Antiseptic Gargles. There are a number of antiseptic gargles which you can buy in the drug stores near you. These antiseptic gargles are effective canker sore treatments because they keep the affected area clean and prevent the progress of bacterial growth in your canker sores.

Salycilate Containing Compounds. Compounds and medicines containing salycilic acid are helpful canker sore treatments. These medicines will provide a protective layer of film on the surface of your canker sores preventing them from being irritated with food and fluid intake. Also, these medications will provide an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effect lessening the pain and possibilities of opportunistic infection.

Proper Choice of Toothpastes. There are toothpastes which can further aggravate the inflammation of your canker sores—that instead of soothing these sores, they further irritate it with their compounds and ingredients. Choosing gentle toothpaste with a not-so-strong sensation in the mouth is important. Avoid using extra-menthol toothpastes because these are not effective canker sore treatments.

Saline Gargle. Saline gargles can be very helpful canker sore treatments. These forms of gargles will prevent the growth of bacteria inside the mouth. Also, saline gargles with lessen the chances of getting sore throat, in case the bacteria will persist inside your oropharyngeal cavity.

Boosting Immune System. Canker sores also occur due to a non-healthy state of our cells and tissues. More commonly, the cells and tissues lose health and proper healing mechanisms due to low immune system. Therefore, boosting one’s immune response is vital in canker sore treatments as well as prevention.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene. Among all other canker sore treatments, practicing proper oral hygiene like brushing your teeth regularly and gargling water or mouthwash are important measures. Proper oral hygiene also includes regularly going to your dentist to have your oral cavity checked for possible conditions which may lead to canker sores.




  1. I know how painful these can be. I like using all the natural remedies as they help it heal a lot faster. Raw honey is a miracle substance that keeps infections covered and smothered and allows for faster healing.

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