How To Cure Constipation At Home?

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Constipation is not a disease—rather, it is a symptom. And most often than not, this symptom is caused by a person’s inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, a diet with minimum to no fiber at all, and not being able to drink the adequate amount of fluids in a daily basis. Simple as these causes may sound to us, many people still find it hard to recover from constipation and experience total relief from it.

Technically speaking, a person is considered to have constipation when he or she is unable to defecate at least three times a week. Elimination for less than three days a week, regardless of the consistency and form of stool, be it hard or soft, is already technically called constipation. Signs and symptoms associated with constipation are the following:

  1. Painful sensation during elimination;
  2. Hard impacted stool;
  3. Straining during defecation;
  4. A feeling of fullness even after defecation.

It is safe to say that each person living today has already experienced being constipated at one point in their lives. Constipation is also common in children, toddlers especially, whose elimination habits are not yet well established, and also to the elders whose intestinal and digestive functions are starting to decline.

There are many ways by which one can address the discomforts of constipation, if not completely recover from the recurrence of such condition. Here are some constipation cures which are commonly advised by physicians and used by many people:

Be Lavish On Fiber Intake. Fiber intake is very important even in patients without constipation. With enough fiber in one’s diet, the stool will be more bulky and less compacted. Making it easier to pass out. Also, fiber is very healthy to the colon since it removes the toxic materials inside that we may have acquired over time. Studies show that a high fiber diet contributes to a healthier colon, one which is less likely to develop malignancies like colon cancer.

Push Fibers With Enough Fluid. Fiber in the diet is useless if not for fluids. Be sure to take in at least eight to ten glasses of water. You can even take more if your constipation seems to bug you frequently. Water is one of the most known constipation cures and most of all it is cheap, if not a free commodity!

Lessen On Sugar and Fats. Foods high in sugar or saccharine content and those rich in fats are hard to be digested. Even if they are digested well, they will tend to harden our stool making it hard to intricate to pass out. Sweets are okay but take them in moderation, just like any other foods and beverages.

Flax Seeds and Other Seeds. Flax seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are known stool softeners. Roasting them lightly and powderizing them is a good way of curing constipation. Taking about one teaspoon each morning and each night can lessen incidences of getting constipated.

Boost On Fruits. Moreover, boosting your fruit intake is an excellent remedy for constipation. These fruits contain a lot of fibers and vitamins which will boost the health of your intestines.



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