How To Do A Skin Check On Yourself

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Cancer does not seem to be be getting much of a fight from the medical industry. Back in 2006 cancer became the number one killer disease of those in the United States. Does this statistic spell an end to the fight against cancer ? For you, we are hoping the answer to that is a resounding; “NO !”. Do not let the failures of the medical industry keep you running scared from cancer. It really is not necessary.

Skin checkIf you have wondered in the back of your mind how to do a skin check on yourself, it is not all that hard. Are you a person that even needs to do a skin check ? If you live in the Southern United States, if you have many moles, if you do not get enough exercise and have a poor diet that is devoid of nuts, fruits and Vitamin D, you are the perfect target for skin cancer. Read this article closely if you fall into many of the categories above.

First of all, check monthly to see if your moles change or if you get a new one. If they change color or seem to get “deeper”, you should be concerned. If you have had moles for years and years that have never changed you probably already know they are less dangerous than others that do change. That does not necessarily mean they are not dangerous. Depending on variables, cancer can take years and years to grow and become dangerous. This means you need to be diligent to track moles with a monthly skin check even if you think they are not dangerous.

The aspect of a mole is important. If a mole changes colors, especially the colors of red, grey, white or blue, be concerned. If the border becomes scalloped or irregular it is also a negative sign. If the mole obtains a diameter of bigger than six millimeters you should be concerned. If a mole is or becomes asymmetrical it is sign that is becoming or is malignant. A mole should look similar in geometry to a fried egg, being somewhat ovule and having distinct defined edges. Another tip is; if one mole looks definitely different from the rest this is also a bad sign.

While learning how to do this on yourself is important, this article is not going to be able to give you everything you need to do it completely. Go with a dermatologist if you have doubts about any of your personal examinations. The dermatologist should have years ( and I do mean years ) of experience. Check out the recommendations they give to you online or with someone you know has years of experience in dermatology. Your health should be under your care, that is, you should take charge of your own health. If you have an unwavering faith in the medical industry you should consider the amount of people under their “care” that die yearly as a result of their negligience or mistakes. 274 people died today under their care.

One last tip to think on is sunlight. The sun combines with oil on our skin to give our bodies Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D has been connected with an abundance of diseases. You have no doubt heard that the sun is bad for you. For the most part, it is only bad for those who have a diet lacking in basic nutrients. Think about the Indians or the Africans who practically live out in the sun and use very little clothing. Why do they not have an abundance of skin cancer ? Answer: their diet. The medical industry tells the world that the sun is bad for you. They are right only if you have a terrible diet. Since most reading this do have a terrible diet, now you know what to do. Learning how to do a skin check on yourself is important, especially if you have a terrible diet that is void of the seventy minerals and the various vitamins necessary for normal health. If this is you, do not get a sunburn and keep a close watch on your skin, especially on any moles you may have. Remember, if you see a mole on the outside, there is a good chance there are more on the inside also.

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  1. since a few years ago when one of my friends got skin cancer i check my skin regularly but after reading your post i may have to change my diet slightly, walnuts maybe added to my food now or even pine nuts

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