How to get rid of bad breath

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Is bad breath keeping you from socializing with the world? Keeping you from interacting with
the world around you because you are afraid that your bad breath will leave people running away?

Bad breath is a problem that many people medically have. That’s right – medically. Bad breath
beyond normal care is named halitosis.
I am here to get you beyond your fears, and to give you tips about how to cure bad breath.

First off, here are some main reasons for why people have bad breath.

Causes of bad breath

* Bad breath itself is simply forms of bacteria that lay around in the soft tissue of your
mouth. It usually stays near the bad of your tongue. The bacterium that dies then releases sulphur gasses which are then blown out of your mouth when breathing. Thus – bad breath.

* One of the big reasons is that when eating food, tiny food particles get stuck onto the
tongue, decay, and create odour.

* A neglect to brush teeth is also a big cause of bad breath. Food left on the tongue and in
the teeth rot out, and begins to smell and attract bacteria.

* Smoking and drinking.

* If your body experiences decrease in saliva, that may also cause bad breath. During sleep,
your saliva flow just about stops. When saliva stops, bacteria grow.

* If you have infections within parts of your body, like the lungs, or sinuses can be a big
part of bad breath.

* If you have gum infections in your mouth, this could cause metallic odour within your mouth.

* People who are on diets often have problems with bad breath. When the body isn’t being fed, there is really no reason for saliva to flow. (As far as your body is concerned) Thus the bad
breath starts.

* Dehydration plays a huge roll in bad breath, because by drinking water, you wash the particles of food and bacteria from your mouth.

* Metabolism disorder.

And you may ask ‘well what should I do to stop whatever is causing my bad breath?’  Well here
is another list of things you can do to prevent bad breath.

First step you can try is oral hygiene

* Floss daily.

* Keep from tobacco and alcohol products.

* Don’t skip any of your normal meals. This will slow the flow of saliva.

* Go to the dentist every 6 months.

If these and other common sense tips don’t work out for you, ask your dentist for treatment
options, which include:

* A full dentist examination which will measure the amount of gases from bacteria exiting your mouth.

* Get all cavities treated by your dentist.

* Get all oral infections treated by the dentist, and have him/her take care of any teeth that
may need to be removed.

* Ask your dentist for special products (like toothpaste, floss, etc.) that is made for people
who suffer from bad breath.

And if you’re not quite sure whether or not you suffer from having stinky breath, be sure to ask
friends or family for an honest opinion.

If you follow this guide to getting rid of bad breath, try and diagnose yourself for which
problem is causing your bad breath, and decide on the correct action that should be taken
from the actions above. Or, if you’re not sure what causes it, and/or what to do, always ask
you dentist.

Keep on brushing and doing what should be done and in no time you will have the freshest breath of all your friends, and will be well on your way to rejoining the social world.



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