How To Get Rid of Canker Sores

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Everyone has had an experience having a canker sore in his or her mouth—and mind you, that experience is something which you will never forget. Canker sore is the most irritating thing that you can get inside your mouth and oral cavity. Even the tiniest sore can be so pesky that it would give you problems eating, drinking fluids, speaking and sometimes even while you sleep.

Canker sores can stay inside our mouth for at least a week and can go on for up to two weeks before starting to heal. Once canker sore heals, getting another canker sore is not impossible from happening again. While canker sores affect people of all ages, one can suffer from canker sores most especially during the adolescent stage. Also, it has been found out that the incidence of getting canker sores decreases as a person ages.

There is no definite cure for canker sores—almost everyone who has had canker sores can attest to that. However, there are things which you can do in order to lessen the irritation and pain intensity of these canker sores and make them vanish in lesser time. The following are some effective methods on how to get rid of canker sore:

Medications That Get Rid of Canker Sore

There are a number of medications that can help you get rid of canker sore. Some of them are liquid films which you need to apply to the affected area. This film will serve as protective covering each time you eat foods or drink fluids. In effect, you will feel lesser pain in the affected area.

Some medications may also act by numbing the affected areas making eating and drinking less painful than before. These numbing medications also come in topical forms which you need to apply directly on the site.

Pain relief medications and anti-inflammatory medications can also help lessen the pain and soreness of your canker sores.

Home Relief Measures To Get Rid of Canker Sore

Applying crushed ice or ice cube to the affected area can diminish the soreness and can provide a natural numbing effect to the affected area.

Get a pinch of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate and dissolve it in water. Use the solution for gargling and do it several times a day. If not, you may try using saline solution because it is also known to limit the growth and spread of bacteria in side your mouth.

Chew raw garlic—garlic has known anti-bacterial properties which can lessen soreness and inflammation. Although garlic can be very tough to the sense—especially when it touches your canker sore, it contains “allicin” a chemical which can limit bacterial growth. The pain is just short as your mouth will get used to the effect of garlic.

Be careful with the foods you eat—avoid hard and sharp edged foods like crackers or cookies. Be sure you eat soft, if possible pureed foods in case you really cannot tolerate the foods that you eat. Also, making sure you keep your mouth clean by gargling and brushing your teeth is important in getting rid of canker sores, no matter how excruciating the pain may be.



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