How to keep osteoporosis away

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HoppingYou might think that if you are young there is no need to read this article as you have not reached yet the age when osteoporosis starts to bother you. Well, you are wrong! Osteoporosis does not install only after the age of 60. Osteoporosis is a tricky disease that works its way towards the bones during several years. This is why learning how to prevent osteoporosis is vital for young people too.Some scientists say that osteoporosis has its roots in adolescence when a poor diet opens the gate to this affection. Only after the age of 55 the symptoms of osteoporosis will install. People suffering of osteoporosis can suffer a fracture one day just by lifting up a grocery bag, or by tying up their shoelaces.

Here are a few strategies that will help you maintain your bones firm and intact:

Include calcium in your daily diet. Calcium is very important for having a great bone structure. Even though bones have a lot of calcium in them, some of their cells take away a certain quantity of calcium for using it in other places of the body. After menopause installs, and the level of estrogen is diminished the bones will start losing calcium faster that before. In men things are not so bad. Due to a decrease in the level of testosterone after the age of 50, they will start loosing bone mass too, but not in such a severe way as women do.

Our organism needs a daily intake of calcium of about 800-1200 mg. You can find a lot of calcium in: 60g of Cedar cheese (300mg), a cup of milk (250mg) and glass of yoghurt (250mg). Even 120g of tofu have 150mg of calcium. 120 g of green cabbage contains 50 mg and 120 g of boiled beans have 50 mg of calcium.

If you do not enjoy eating milk and yoghurt then you can try some cereals and bread assortments that have calcium supplements in their composition. They are also great for keeping osteoporosis away.

Try to increase your daily intake of zinc. Zinc can be found in walnuts, seeds, vegetables and shell-fish. It seems that zinc, besides vitamin D, increases the absorption of calcium in the stomach. A daily supplement of vitamin D is essential in elder people as the daily absorption of vitamin D is diminished in their case comparing with young people. Vitamin D can be found in most of the multivitamins that doctors prescribe.

As a natural source of vitamin D you can use the sun. If you expose you skin to the morning’s sunlight, without using sunscreen your body can produce in 20 minute about 100 mg of vitamin D. Do not expose your skin to a strong sunlight without wearing any protection as skin cancer is watching around the corner for a bite.


Another advice is to consume less alcohol as it is known alcohol interferes with the process of bone formation and the body’s ability of absorbing calcium. Besides alcohol, refreshing drinks like different types of coke can contain phosphor, a substance that can take calcium out of the bones.

An active lifestyle has always done wonders with the body. Try a few bone stimulating exercises: running, dancing, aerobics are better than walking for bone development. These exercises are prohibited only for those people who already have osteoporosis as the impacted produced by the sole getting in contact with the feet can cause fractures.

By adopting a healthy diet, that contains the perfect quantity of calcium and vitamin D and implementing it while still being young, osteoporosis can be avoided. Exercising regularly, managing stress, and giving up smoking are the first steps for having a sunny old age.



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