How to keep your blood pressure under control

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During the summer days people suffering from cardiac affections can suffer major problems with their blood pressure. The blood pressure is the force exercised by the blood on the arteries, measured during the heart’s systole and diastole. Normally our blood pressure should somewhere between 110/60mmHg and 130/80 mmHg.

Blood Pressure

If the blood vessels get narrowed, the blood circulation becomes a little bit difficult and the heart needs to

work more. Automatically the values of the blood pressure will be rising. Sometimes other organic affections like hormonal unbalances, kidney affections or even pregnancy can cause hypertension.

There are some other factors that can influence our blood pressure too: smoking, obesity, stress, and alcohol intake.

Here is what we can do in order to maintain a normal blood pressure level:

1. Give up smoking. Not only you will protect your heart vessels but will also decrease the risk of developing lung cancer.

2. Eat healthy. This means that you should eat more vegetables and fruits instead of sweets and fats.

3. Try to loose some weight. Obesity does not make your heart vessels happy at all. Talk to your physician and see what kind of program for loosing weight would suit you best. Normally, loosing 10 kg will make you decrease your systolic blood pressure level with 5-10 mmHg.

4. Eat salt with moderacy. Salt is known to keep too much water inside the body and this only leads to edemas and hypertension.

5. Keep away from alcohol. Even though this might sound a little bit too harsh, you should know that alcohol is not a very good idea if you already have an increased blood pressure level.

6. Relax. Keep stress away by organizing your daily program in such a way so that rest can be achieved.

7. Watch out for your blood pressure. You should go regularly to your doctor and see what your bloodpressure status is, especially if you are over 65, smoker and you are overweight.

8. Take your medicine. Managing hypertension includes taking some pills too. If you do not take your medicines the way your doctor has prescribed you, than positive results will not be seen.




  1. Very interesting and helpful.

  2. My grandparents have a hard time with their fluctuating blood pressures. I’ll be sure to pass this article along,thanks!

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