How to keep your figure, if the job does not imply movement?

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At first glance, might seem just an excuse invoked by many of us. But the job that involves to stay in office only and do not move, prone to accumulating pounds.

You might think that is a hopeless position: since it is your job and the rest of your time is too little to do sports. Fortunately, this time you are wrong. There are several things you can do and you will see is not so hard to keep your silhouette.

* Every 40-50 minutes, do some stretching exercises. Catch the time to relax, breathe deeply and perform some move.

* When talking on phone walk through the office. It would seem that even this way you can better focus on the discussion and you are doing a little move … certainly is better than all.

* Take into account the fact that it is not advisable to have at hand a bag with some chips, the temptation to crunch them regularly is very high and the problem is that you don’t realize how many calories accumulate in this way. Especially with how little you move. Dried fruit is not a good idea, because of fat.

* For a regular meal, you could choose fresh fruit – apples are very “good” as they are juicy and not peeled.

* The drink chapter, rely on water and green tea, speeds up metabolism, thus you burn fat faster. This not to say that is a true “treasure” of antioxidants. But it would not be appropriate to rely only on it for hydration, is rich in caffeine and should therefore be alternated with water or mineral water.

* Don’t chew gum. I do not know what many of us do this, although I agree it’s tasty and freshens breath. On the other hand, chewing triggers an automatic reflex, and the body begins to secrete gastric juice. Since the stomach does not get anything, so obviously that increases the acidity of the digestive mucosa. Besides, induces hunger and the “empty stomach”.

* When you move thru the building from one department to another, avoid the elevator. It is preferable to go up the stairs, will be only slightly uncomfortable at first, then, once, twice, three times … and then you will realized when he turned into routine.

* Reap the benefits of aromatherapy! According to a study abroad, people who inhale the aroma of green apple, peppermint, vanilla or banana tend to eat less. It is suspected that these flavors are appetite suppressants, although at first glance might seem just the opposite.



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