How To Know If My Child Has Pinworms?

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Just the sound of it will already seem disgusting and icky—that is how pinworm actually is. Pinworm infection is basically a parasitic infection that occurs when pinworms, also known as threadworm or seatworm, infest the intestines, feed in the foods that we eat and multiply in number. At early instance, pinworm infection may be very annoying and not at all a serious condition, however, when nothing is done to treat a person from pinworm infection, it may lead to serious complications.

Most pinworm infection are recorded among children and the reasons are very obvious. First, children are not very much inclined to personal hygiene, most especially toddlers. They put everything in their mouth, suck their toys, fingers, etc. School aged children are also prone in buying foods in the cafeteria or stores whose methods of preparing foods are not very much hygienic and safe. Also, kids share their foods and drinks to their playmates and friends, leading to cross infection. This makes pinworm infection a dreaded condition among children.

It is important to understand this condition wholly in order to avoid contracting this infection, if not properly treat your kid when he is suffering from this annoying parasitic infection:

Cause of Pinworm in Children

Bad and unhealthy hygiene is the most common cause of pinworm in children. Improper washing of hands, unhealthy practices of cleaning utensils and cooking foods, failure to wash linens regularly—these are the common reasons why a kid suffers from pinworms.

School related activities and the environment/situation in school also leads to cross contamination and infection of pinworms. In fact, there are times that pinworm infection can become widespread in a classroom or in a school. Pinworm eggs, once ingested will tend to rest inside the intestines until they hatch. Once completely hatched, they will mature and female worms will again lay hundreds to thousands of eggs.

Symptoms of Pinworm in Children

The most common symptom of a pinworm infection is an intense anal itching, as well as in the genital areas. This is due to the presence of worms in the said areas. Movement of these worms will definitely cause itching and discomfort. Loss of appetite and weight loss will happen subsequently. Also, abdominal pain may occur when these worms infect and lead to the inflammation of our intestines, most especially the vermiform appendix.

Treatment for Pinworm in Children

Anti-parasitic drugs or anti-helminthic drugs are usually given in patients with pinworm infection. Common drugs of this classification are albendazole, mebendazole, pyrantel pamoate, and others. These drugs are taken in a single dose, followed by the second dose after about two to three weeks. This is to ensure that the eggs left inside the intestines will also be killed.

In order to make sure that pinworm infection will not proceed cyclically, the entire family is recommended for treatment of these drugs. Furthermore, topical anti-pruritic or anti-itching and anti-inflammatory ointments are given to people experiencing extreme itching and inflammation of the rectal area.

Lastly, making sure proper hygiene is kept as a practice inside the household is a perfect way to combat pinworm infection and prevent its recurrence.




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