How to lose weight quickly

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1. Overview

A group of experts analyzed the most commonly used ways to lose weight in a healthy way, without resorting to unhealthy diets or products.

Specialist advice includes strategies to control hunger, strategies through which the amount of ingested calories can be minimized and this can contribute to rapid weight loss.


1. Overview
2. Weight loss equation
3. Simple steps to lose weight
4. How to lose weight
5. How to lose weight quickly in a healthy manner

2. Weight loss equation

Equation that can be applied to weight loss is based on the fact that one pound of fat is accumulated after consumption of 3500 calories. This means that if a person ate food which amounted to 3500 calories will gain one pound.

For burning these calories is necessary a combination of diet and exercise plan. It may take more than a week or even months (depending on each person’s metabolic action) to reach the target weight. Methods recommended by specialists not only help to lose weight but they can also help you maintaining it.

3. Simple steps to lose weight

First, you must calculate your daily calorie needs. This will be the total of calories needed by a person to maintain his current weight.

For a person to know this value should calculate his basal metabolic rate – the number of calories the body needs for optimal development of a person’s basic functions such as breathing and digestion.

Then, depending on the level and intensity of the activities of each person will determine the appropriate calorie daily intake for weight maintenance.

The next step is to track the number of calories that a person actually consumes and the number of calories that are burned through exercise and other activities. To do this, the person must note the foods that are part of the diet and activities performed during a week and then it will calculate a daily average ratio between them.

Once this value is obtained, the weight loss formula can be applied; the total of calories needed daily results from the equation: consumed calories minus burned calories. This is how you can find out how many calories could be found in the foods that a person should eat during a day in order to lose weight.

For example, if the daily requirement is 1500 calories and you eat 2000 calories of food but will burn only 200 will exceed 300 calories of your daily needs ((2000-200)- 1500 = 300). As a result it will gain about a pound every 12 days or more than two pounds a month.

4. How to lose weight

To lose weight, you must reduce the number of calories in the diet and burn more calories through physical activity.

For example, if a person accumulates 1800 calories due to his diet and burns 500 each day will lose about a pound per month ((1800-500)-1500 = -200 calories per day).

5. How to lose weight quickly in a healthy manner

For rapid weight lost, it is assumed that it is sufficient to observe some basic principles

1. It will set a SMART goal (specific, measurable, affordable, realistic and time limited) on weight loss. A person can set a goal like this this way:

- Specific – I want to lose weight by the end of this year

- Measurable – I want to lose 7 kg

- Affordable – there are the necessary means and the health condition allows the loss of a number of pounds. On the other hand, a person’s weight can decrease by 7 kg by the end of a year with the condition to lose between one pound and three pounds a week.

- Realistic – the person involved is willing to make the effort to lose weight. Losing weight is not the easiest thing to do and will require many sacrifices. Anyone wishing to do so must change their lifestyle habits, eating pattern and do exercise.

- Temporal – if a person weighs 70 kg and wants to lose 15 kg in a month because he wants to attend a special event, then this is not possible (nor healthy). You must establish a reasonable and achievable goal.

2. Choose the approach that will be followed for weight loss; how the entire process will be treated.

3. It will be noted the calories consumed daily. To lose weight quickly, a person needs to know exactly how many calories he consumes each day (in order to lose weight during the proposed period of time).

Prior to starting any diet will keep a food diary over a week and will average calories consumed each day. It is important to analyze your eating habits and take steps to improve them and to record the number of calories that are burned through physical activity.

4. It will determine the number of calories needed to lose weight quickly. The weight loss will depend on the average of the difference between the number of pounds gained and burned. Weight loss will occur when will burn more calories than consume.

In simple terms, about one pound of fat equals 3500 calories. If you want to lose one pound of fat a week, eat 500 fewer calories each day.

It is generally recommended not to lose more than one – two pounds a week and daily calories should not be less than 1000 calories per day. If a person consumes about 3000 calories a day and its energy needs would be covered by 2000 calories, there will be an excess of 1000 calories that will lead to weight accumulation.

For starters, dietary intake should be lowered to 2000 calories in order to maintain energy balance, without gaining weight. When a person wants to lose weight fast, he will consume less than 2,000 calories per day. To achieve a reduction of 350 grams of fat per week, daily calories should not exceed the value of 1500.

When a person wants to lose weight faster (more than 350 grams per week) will reduce daily calorie intake, but the total amount will not be lower than 1000 calories, because that would be unhealthy.



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