How to maintain your summer tan

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After trying so hard to obtain a healthy tan for a lot of us it would be a pity to let it fade away. There are some tricks that can be applied in order for you to enjoy more of your chocolate looking skin.

Normally the bronze color of your skin is given by the pigment situated in your epidermal layer. In time, due to natural exfoliation of the cells and due to cosmetic treatments like peeling and gommage, the tan will fade away. These procedures should be done within a week before going in vacation and exposing your body to the sun. Also, avoid taking long showers or baths as they will have a resembling effect on your skin as cosmetic exfoliation has.

Summer Tan

Summer Tan

You should use skin nurturing and hydrating lotions and creams daily as they maintain the healthy aspect of your skin and also delay its exfoliation, meaning that they will help you enjoy more of your tan.

You can work from the inside too, not only from the outside: eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin E, and zinc. These two elements are vital for a perfect skin. You can find them in broccoli, vinegars, apricots, apples, peaches, watermelon, peanuts and sunflower seeds.

As a last idea, which is more like a cheating idea, you can try tanning body lotions two or three times a week. These lotions act better if they are applied on a skin that has already been tanned and at least they do not cause cancer like solarium bronzing does.

Another thing to remember is water. Drink plenty of water to extend the life of your cells. This way not only your skin look great, but your whole body will feel like millions.




  1. It seems that more and more women want to get a deep dark tan. I guess that’s what society deems as beautiful. I’d have to agree on some parts, I am more attracted to a women with a bit of a sun kissed look then a woman who’s pale. Funny thing is, in the old days being pale as a woman meant you were very beautiful.

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