How to Prevent Malaria – Health Workers Teach People

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Health workers in India teach people , how to combat malaria. They do road shows to aware people about malaria. Malaria is one of the diseases, which are causing most of the deaths, round the world. Malaria is present almost all parts of the globe. It is not confined to any particular country or region. In fact, it is ubiquitous. This disease is taking more than a million of lives, every year.

Though, medicines for this disease are available but still people are losing their lives to this disease, mainly because of ignorance and wrong diagnosis. No matter how many and how effective medicines are available but it is always better to go for the prevention for a fatal disease like malaria. Now, let us discuss, what a person should do to stay away from this dangerous disease.

  • It is very well know that the malaria virus spreads through mosquito bites. A person suffering from this disease can’t transmit this disease to another person by any means. When a female Anopheles mosquito bites a person suffering from this disease, the mosquito sucks malaria virus along with the human blood. Then, when that carrier mosquito bites a healthy person, the virus gets transmitted. So, if a person wants to stay away from malaria, then he or she should stay away from mosquitoes. This is the only prevention of this disease.
  • Mosquito can breed only on stagnant water. However, a handful of stale water is enough for mosquitoes to breed. When they breed, they breed in great quantity. So, the breeding of the mosquitoes should be prevented at any cost, if we have to fight against malaria.
  • There should be no stagnant water around the house. The drainage system should always be jam free; so that water can pass away.
  • If there is any pond or stagnant water body around the house, then that should be cleaned properly, within regular interval.
  • Mosquito net should be used in the windows and those should be used at the time of sleeping.
  • Now mosquito repellant coils and other products are available in the market. Those can be used to stay away from the mosquitoes.
  • The government should use mosquito repellant gas more often than not.
  • After all of these prevention, if a person gets affected with malaria, then he or she should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. The medicines for malaria are now available in almost all hospital and at many places, those are available at no cost.




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