How To Relieve Hiccups Effectively?

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Hiccups are one of those most annoying incidences that you’ll ever experience in life. Imagine yourself doing the “hic” sound every five or ten seconds without fail…most especially when you’re out in the public? That “hic” sounds is annoying—not only to you but for all you know—it may also be awful to hear by the people around you right then and there.

Hiccups are results of spasmodic contractions of our diaphragm—the thin but strong sheet of muscle in between our thoracic and our abdominal cavity. What many people do not know about these hiccups is that these are reflexes that our brain initiates due to several factors such as emotions, physical or mechanical obstruction, diseases and conditions, and the likes.

Hiccups are medically termed as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter—which means the hiccups are synchronized movement of our diaphragm muscles. Hiccups occur in both adults and infants. As for adults, these may be due to obstructions in the respiratory tract, sudden innervation of the diaphragm or other diseases. For babies, the most common cause of hiccups is the improper feeding techniques. This can include how a mother positions the baby during and after feeding, etc.

Knowing what causes hiccups—it is also equally important to understand how we can get rid of this condition. The following remedies for hiccups are not proven to remedy the condition in all people:

-          Drink cold water slowly and after consuming the entire glass, hold your breath. This method of curing hiccup has been well known to many people.

-          Breathing slowly or rapidly with mouth and nose inside a paper bag are effects cures for hiccups. This can relieve the pressure inside the airway by balancing the pressure inside and out of the respiratory tract.

-          For unknown causes, swallowing granules of sugar can actually cure hiccups. Other people also sip on a slice of lime and both cures for hiccups have been effective, without a doubt.

-          There are times when hiccups are curable by diverting one’s attention to other things. The best form of attention diversion is talking and conversing with someone. If you are alone, use your cellphone and dial a friend’s number to have someone to talk to you. Weird as it may seem, these are known cures for hiccups.

-           Inhaling strong odors and essential oils can be effective cures for hiccups. If you are the type of person who gets hiccups every now and then, placing essential oils inside your room and around your household can prevent you from getting hiccups.

The treatments for hiccups in babies are also much different from the above-mentioned remedies. Cures for hiccups in babies are actually more of prevention of hiccups:

-          Avoid feeding the baby with too much milk. Small and frequent milk feeding is preferred.

-          Also, position the baby properly in such a way that excess air cannot be suck by the baby.

-          Allow your baby to burp after feeding and before putting him or her to sleep.

-          Most importantly, do not let your baby suck on an empty bottle of milk as your baby will suck air and may cause hiccups.



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