How to remove sleepiness

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1. Overview

Many people fail to get quality sleep and sleep 8 hours every night.

There are several ways that a person may feel invigorated, if not rested enough the night before.


1. Overview
2. Methods to remove sleepiness
3. Methods for removing driving fatigue and sleepiness at work

2. Methods to remove sleepiness

- Green tea – Research has confirmed that a cup of coffee does not contain enough caffeine for the effect to be long lasting. Instead, after consumed a cup of green tea can achieve the desired result. Green tea contains antioxidants, cleanse the body and will wake up in a natural way, without the energy to drop significantly anytime soon.

- Do not nap after the alarm rang – Everyone will feel better if will wake up shortly after the alarm clock rang. It is not recommended to sleep, even for a few minutes before waking.

- Keeping your head between your knees – This is a position that will give anyone some extra energy fast enough and this can boost memory and alertness.

- An alternating shower – hot and cold – After a hot shower followed by a cold one you’ll feel refreshed.

- Daylight – Because clocks, many people will be waking up suddenly and it is not the most pleasant way to start the day. An alarm that mimic, with a light, the daylight – could provide a much better mood!

- The smell of grapefruit and ginger – smell of grapefruit can increase alertness. Other smells such as lemon, eucalyptus and peppermint will increase energy levels and mood. Ginger can have the same effect, plus a drink that will contain ginger will stimulate your metabolism throughout the course of the day.

- Exercise – Physical activity is another alternative to awaken. Even walking or a walk in the fresh air will have this effect. In addition, extra pounds can be removed if before breakfast will be exercise.

- Consistency – When a person wakes up constantly, even on weekends at the same time, his body will be ready to wake up regularly, and the biological clock will be set for that time.

- Wake up later – Experts have confirmed that people who wake up earlier than 7.15 will feel more tired and more stressed throughout the day.

- Listen to music – to show that music is one of the factors that improve a person’s mood. A solution could be to listen to your favorite music while eating breakfast.

3. Methods for removing driving fatigue and sleepiness at work

Using the sense of smell. A strong odor, pleasant or unpleasant can cause rapid installation of alertness. Aromatherapists often recommend the use of essential odor of these plants to stimulate the nervous system and reduce fatigue:
- Rosemary
- Blue eucalyptus
- Mint
- Coffee
- Scottish pine oil.

Another method through which the sleepiness can be suppressed is exposure to bright light, preferably natural light. Keep in mind that the biological clock is strongly influenced by exposure to light.

If it is possible to walk outdoors or to look through the window for a few minutes, you can feel more energetic. Wherever you work, it would be advisable to find space to mount a light source to illuminate the work area.



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