How to remove splinters from underneath the skin

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Whether you work in your garden or are redecorating, or just cleaning up, you can always get splinters underneath your skin. Even if they are deeply burrowed in the skin, or not, they must be removed as soon as possible in order to avoid any complication (mostly infections).

First of all, if you are scared or you do not think you can do this you should ask someone who is near you to aid you with getting the splinter out. The easiest way to get a splinter out is to use a sterilized tweezers. This is the procedure: you grab with the tweezers the exterior ending of the splinter and you carefully extract it in the exact direction is has entered. In case the exterior ending of the splinter is not reachable, a sterilized needle has to be used for creating a little incision in the skin, right above the splinter’s ending. Then introduce the needle under the splinter so that the tweezers can grab it and pull it out.

It is important that the splinter is removed entirely. If not, the procedure needs to be repeated. Sometimes a magnifying glass helps a lot.

For those who can not stand the though of using tweezers and needles on their skin another method can be applied: use duct tape. Cover the splinter with duck tape and then take it off. In case the splinter is not deeply inserted it will come out easy and with no pain at all. If this method does not work than you will have to go for the tweezers after all.

Another way of getting the splinter out is to use warm water. Let your affected area rest 15 minutes in a little bit of warm water in which you have added some salt. If the splinter is made of wood, you can be sure that the water will bloat it up and the splinter will be pushed out immediately.

And last, if you have managed to get the splinter out, remember to clean the affected area with medicinal alcohol and bandage it with a patch as this is still an opened door for germs.

If still you can not manage to resolve this on your own, then you should ask for specialized help. The doctor will surely take the splinter out and this way you will not need to worry about a possible infection.



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