How To Treat Insomnia Without Medications?

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When a person hears of insomnia, especially if he or she hasn’t experienced it eve—it is easily understood as a person’s inability to sleep—PLAIN AND SIMPLE… nothing more than that. But there is more to insomnia than a person’s inability sleep. Insomnia is not only characterized by a person’s inability to sleep and stay asleep for the adequate amount of time. It also includes an impediment in one’s activities of daily living, i.e. a person with insomnia may not be able to perform well in class, at the office or even perform basic household tasks.

Common Insomnia Causes

Most causes of insomnia are psychological in nature. A person who is exposed too chronic stress and anxiety will find it hard to sleep. Similarly, a depressed person will spend the night feeling down and melancholic—thus unable to sleep. Health conditions which may lead to too much pain and discomfort will not allow a person to comfortably sleep. More than that, there are also drugs which will keep a person up for several hours rendering him or her with insomnia.

Long Term Effects of Insomnia

Insomnia which is unmanaged, especially if it becomes chronic can lead to health disadvantages like memory loss, cardiovascular diseases, etc. In this light, it is important for one to have a physician look at the possible causes of insomnia to get an accurate approach of treatment.

A Milk Before Bedtime. This is probably one of the most used treatment for insomnia and I’m telling you, it is an effective one. Milk has such a relaxing effect to the body that it makes sleeping more worth the while and relaxing. More than that, the mood that you’ll get upon waking up is superb!

Herbal Tea Remedies. Herbal teas are soothing and relaxing, thus, a cup of tea each night can be a good treatment for insomnia. Lavender tea, chamomile tea, etc are great teas which you can try. Test out each of them and see which tea will give you the best effect. In case teas are not your type, aromatherapy can work wonders, too. Get herbal aromas from the nearest stores and put these essential oils inside your room.  The smell of these herbs and oils will relax your mind and body making it a great treatment for insomnia.

Avoid Stimulants. Stimulants are those foods, drinks or substances which will keep you up until sunrise. These include coffee, cigarette, alcohol, recreational drugs. Cut down if not stay away from these things. Not only are they insomniacs, these can also damage your overall health.

Resolving Worries Before Bed. Many people with insomnia have unresolved problems or worries in life. While it is impossible to resolve each of them before going to sleep, setting them aside, will help you greatly. Leave your work problems in your office, leave school related matters inside the classroom! These are not supposed to be brought into your room, let alone inside your house!

Getting a good night’s sleep is every insomniac’s dream—and achieving this dream is not too far with these common treatments against insomnia.



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