How to treat menstrual pains?

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As a woman I have suffered myself of those awful menstrual pains that have the bad habit of coming around in the most inappropriate moments of our lives. I started having menstrual pains since I was 15 or 16. My doctor said that a lot of women get menstrual pains and that this pain is caused by hormonal unbalance, stress and the uterus muscle movements.

I used to consider myself lucky as I only suffered a day or two from abdominal cramps while other women suffered of headaches, tenderness of the breasts and bloating besides the abdominal pains.

It seems that adopting a healthy diet and exercising a little bit can do wonders in preventing menstrual pains from appearing. Before reading this in a medical book I used to treat my abdominal cramps with the classical anti-inflammatory pills. They were useful, but I did not want to use drugs any more and I was dreaming of a natural solution to my problem. And after a while I found it.

Doctors recommend that with a few days before the period, healthy aliments should be eaten. This way a hormonal unbalance from the uterus wall will be avoided. Try eating oily fish as it brings fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamins (E and B) to your body. Eat fruits and vegetables as they also add a supplement of vitamins to your diet.

It is best to avoid eating a lot of sweets (cakes and biscuits). If you feel like eating something delicious after lunch, you can eat an apple or a banana. It is healthier, you know. Coffee and alcohol are best to be avoided during period as they only make pain worse.

Massaging is another easy solution for getting rid of menstrual pains. During the week before the period you can try a back or tummy massage. Use special body oil and also add three drops of lavender oil. This will help you relax better. You can ask your partner to perform a gentle massage on you if you feel that you can’t do it on your own or you want to be have a special moment with him.

A warm bath or a warm bottle of water applied on the lower abdomen can sometimes do wonders. Ginger tea is known to relief abdominal cramps and nausea so if you know a local herbal shop you can pay a visit and ask for it.
Yoga is another pain reliever. Trying simple exercises can help a lot. Sit down on the floor with your back straight and your knees bended in such a way that your soles touch and your heels are close to your body. (See photo 1).

Yoga Exercise Pic1

Hold your toes with your hands, then slowly lift and lower your knees for 5-6 times. (See photo 2). Then bend your body forward (but keep your back straight). Maintain this position for two minutes. You will feel your legs stretching.

Yoga Exercise Pic2

This small yoga exercise is easy to perform and is of great help when having menstrual pains.
Menstrual pains can be defeated; the only thing we need to do is remain tenacious in eating healthy, not consuming body aggressive aliments (like alcohol or coffee) the week before the period and live an active lifestyle.

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