How to Use Hemorrhoids Creams?

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For a person with hemorrhoids, a hemorrhoids cream is as indispensable as toothpaste or a toothbrush—sometimes, even more than that! The reason why many people with hemorrhoids are dependent on hemorrhoids creams is because of the relief that it can give to a person. We all know the kind of discomfort that one can get when suffering from hemorrhoids—or at least we have the idea how horrible it feels like.

Why Do I Have Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids occur as a result of highly vascular and dilated veins inside and outside of the anus. These veins lead to the sensitivity, swelling and most often bleeding of the hemorrhoids. This is the reason why people with hemorrhoids usually find it hard to sit comfortably, even more so they hardly defecate without any pain or discomfort… as if they are in labor.

How to Spot Hemorrhoids?

Symptoms of hemorrhoids can come in different forms but the most common symptoms that one may suffer from are the following:

-         Bleeding of the anus upon defecation or the presence of fresh blood on the stool;

-         A feeling of itchiness and irritation of the anal area;

-         A feeling that something is left inside after defecating;

-         Pain and discomfort in the area especially during defecation.

Why Are Hemorrhoids Creams Effective?

The anus is one of the body parts which absorb cream products the fastest because the anus is highly vascular and therefore, whatever creams we put on the anus can permeate the bloodstream fast. Also, topical creams are directly applied on the affected area therefore, the chemicals/ nutrients needed to heal the affected areas need not pass all the left and right turns of the GI tract.

Hemorrhoids creams also contain protective covering which is spread all over the affected area. These coverings protect the hemorrhoids from further irritation and breakdown. The anesthetic effect of some ingredients included in these creams which help lessen pain and burning sensation.

Choosing the Right Hemorrhoids Cream for You

It is important to understand that hemorrhoids creams come in different degrees of strength. There are creams which are weaker than the others; while there also creams which are more potent than most brands. Hemorrhoids creams may come in different main ingredients but the most common are those made with corticosteroids in order to lessen the inflammation. Another base of hemorrhoids creams is anesthetic. These anesthetics lessen the pain and discomforts, as well as the itchiness. Also, another form of cream may come with nitroglycerin—a chemical which is also used in treating chest pain for people with ischemia.

How to Use Hemorrhoids Creams Wisely?

Hemorrhoids creams should be applied aseptically. One needs to make sure his hands are clean to avoid contamination. Also, in cleaning hemorrhoids, one may use an applicator or use gloves to make sure the fingers and nails do not directly touch the hemorrhoids. Applicators should be used especially with internal hemorrhoids. If applicators are not disposable, make sure you wash it carefully and soak it in water before rinsing. Regardless of the technique in applying these hemorrhoids creams, it should be applied thrice a day.



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