How you can control your food cravings

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Many people eat without stopping, quite large amounts of sweets, for example and believe that the food power on them is overwhelming, and the desire to eat is strong.

This happens not only among young people. Below are some recommendations that could be the solution for you to keep these food cravings under control.


1. Overview
2. Eating because of emotions: blessing or curse?
3. How to control food cravings

Eating because of emotions: blessing or curse?

Many people find it difficult to refrain from eating and say their mind is led in those moments by forces they do not understand and they find it difficult to oppose.

Eat too much when you think you have to lower the stress or to reduce the feeling of discomfort, or you consider that there is no other way to enhances mood.

Foods serve acts as Valium, as a drug with instant relaxation effect. In those moments, emotional eating is a blessing.

After you eat quite a large amount of food, you realize that you have a bad habit of using food as a tranquilizer, too often, and this is the most important factor that sabotage weight control battle that will determine violate the rules of your diet. Whenever you reach that conclusion you believe that emotional eating is a curse.

How to control food cravings

If you have often struggled with weight and started diets, but you gave up, things described above will be familiar. The problem is that you have not yet decided if emotional eating is a blessing or a curse for you.

Even if you want to control emotional eating, your appetite is so strong that you can’t find any way to change this situation and the situation becomes confrontational. You can find a balance between eating and your weight only after you manage to resolve the divided inner conflict.

Extensive research on people who follow diets, specify that those who can’t control their food cravings fall into one of the following three situations:

1. Seeking a diet with which to lose weight very quickly, which means they would rather go back through weight loss-weight gain cycle than to face the personal conflict

2. Relinquish all diets and expectations diets that involve low weight, which means they have decided that emotional eating is a blessing and prefer not to drop it.

3. Recognize that they need to make real changes in terms of their food styles, which means it is realized that emotional eating is a curse and are looking for a way to resolve this divided inner conflict.

For people who are part of the third group, those who want to change their lifestyle, emotional eating can be controlled if they pay attention and realize step by step each stage of learning related to control food cravings.

It is also important to replace personal helplessness related to answering the question: what else could I do with an attitude that involves finding ways through which stress can be removed? In this way, personal willpower will impose naturally, and desires that seemed at first very strong, will disappear.



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