How you can have beautiful hair using hair conditioner

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Most people asked questions by experts about the mode of action of a certain type of hair conditioner, before they buy it.

The truth is that all types of hair conditioner smooth cuticles, softens the hair, gives shine and restores its moisture, but by using the right conditioner, your hair will be beautiful and you will look great.


1. Overview
2. Use hair conditioner even if you wash your hair with shampoo
3. Take into account your hair type
4. Dyed hair
5. Apply hair masks
6. Proper application of hair conditioner

Use hair conditioner even if you wash your hair with shampoo

Hair is exposed to many factors that it can dry it. Daily exposure to air conditioning, use of instruments for dry and styling hair and other situations as well can have a negative effect on the hair.

For dry hair, experts recommend that once or twice a week to use conditioner instead of shampoo. Some shampoos contain strong detergents that could deprive hair of moisture.

By using hair conditioner you can help keep moisture loss and may make it brushed. However, the shampoo shouldn’t be entirely replaced by the conditioner, because shampoo removes impurities better.

Take into account your hair type

Most women think that because their balm the hair is smooth and soft, but this is because they use the wrong formula, without considering the type and texture of their hair.

Women who have thin fine hair should use a conditioner for volume. Those who have thick wire are needed to act deep conditioner that contains fatty acids that have dry hair shine.

Curly hair is almost always dry, because the oils in the scalp do not come as easily throughout the hair as if people with straight hair, so, those with curly hair should use an ultra-moisturizing conditioner.

Dyed hair

If a person has dyed hair, the cuticles open and close later to allow the pigment to penetrate the hair shaft and this unbalanced healthy hair.

In this case it is recommended to add protein to your hair to become more resistant and respond better in contact with harsh chemicals.

Apply hair mask

Mask is recommended only for dry damaged hair, but once a week for all types of hair for added moisture. To get the most benefit from applying a mask, buy masks that contain keratin, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

You can boost hair hydration with hot oil or create a mask from avocado and mayonnaise. Also for this purpose you can warm a wet towel at microwave and then you wrapped turban style around the head after you apply hair mask. Leave it for 20 minutes and after it cools completely, rinse your hair.

Proper application of hair conditioner

Experts recommend that hair conditioner to not be applied to the root because the root hair is fed by its own natural scalp oil. The hair is healthier because the root is exposed to less heat and hair dye.

When you apply conditioner, start at the top of the hair, then spread it to the roots, two inches from the scalp. Let it act for at least three to five minutes before you rinse it.



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