HPV Cancer and the Male Gender

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Oral HPV infection is much widely found amongst men than women and this explains why men are more prone to develop HPV cancer related to neck and head. This study was presented at Multidisciplinary Neck and Head Cancer Conference. Currently HPV or known as Human Papillomavirus was linked to various kinds of neck and head cancer which are now becoming much prominent amongst men in United States of America. When the patients are diagnosed are oral HPV type 16, they have greater risk of developing either the neck or the head cancer. But they generally develop cancers at the back of tongue or on tonsils.

The link between the oral cancer and HPV were established in the year 2007. But till now it has not been understood how to prevent or detect this cancer. Researchers say that they are trying to understand how common Oral HPV is in US and to have knowledge about the factors concerned with the infection. A research was conducted on 5579 men and women and the conclusions proved that 7% of the population, who fell in age bracket of 14-69 suffered from oral HPV and they had infection 3-4 times higher than men and women. About 1% of the population suffered with HPV 16 infection and this was 5 times more in general men and women. They failed to answer why it was more amongst the men and women in the initial place.

This research of oral HPV infection is a complex and initial step towards the development of prospective oropharyngeal cancer prevention strategies, says Maura Gillison. She is MD and PHD besides being a chief author of the study along with Jeg Coughlin Chair of Cancer Research. But till date we have no other ways by which we can prevent or detect this type of cancer early.

Oral HPV infection, Multidisciplinary Neck and Head Cancer Conference, neck or the head cancer, infection, prospective oropharyngeal cancer prevention strategies

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