Hypnosis Might Be Good For Your Health

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When most people think about hypnosis, they think of entertainers who get people on stage, put them to sleep, then get them to do all sorts of embarrassing things that other people laugh at. While that’s a lot of fun to see, it’s not really the essence of what hypnosis is.Hypnosis

Basically, the idea behind hypnosis is to get people relaxed, then help them change their mental state so that they can overcome certain issues that they feel they have. No one can be hypnotized if they don’t want to be, so there’s nothing invasive about it, but it just might be what many people need to move forward in their lives.

Most of us don’t think about it, but we hypnotize ourselves almost on a daily basis. When we’re driving, we’re not always paying attention to the road, but our subconscious mind gets us to where we need to go. When we get deep into a good book, we can’t hear what’s going on around us because we get so absorbed in our subject. Even working, sometimes you go on a roll and don’t hear anything around you. All of these are forms of hypnosis that we put upon ourselves. For problems, though, sometimes we could use the help of an expert.

Let’s talk about relaxation first. The aim of hypnosis is to put people into a dream state while not officially putting them to sleep. The process of hypnosis, therefore, is relaxing. However, if the purpose for you being hypnotized is to help you relax, your hypnotist will try to plant feelings of good will into your state of mind, so that when you awaken you’ll feel better about things, and when one feels better they automatically feel relaxed.

Some people use hypnosis to help them lose weight. Hypnotists don’t convince you that you’re full, because your mind would never accept that fact. Instead, hypnosis will help you find the body image you want to attain, and make you feel good in working towards that goal. Many people overeat not because they’re hungry, but because they have other issues on their mind, so hypnosis helps you to reorient your mind towards more positive things.

Hypnosis is also used to help people stop smoking. This is where having a mental change can be most challenging. Nicotine stimulates dopamine in the brain, which makes people feel good. Hypnosis helps by planting a feeling in the mind that it will consistently feel good, and thus not need the cigarettes to keep feeling good.

Of course, the process of hypnosis is like most other things. Doing it once, then never going again, won’t produce great results. You’ll probably need to go at least once every couple of weeks to gain some benefit from it. Most hypnotists will give you tapes or CDs to listen to. You may only hear music, but there may also be subliminal messages within the music to help you reinforce your good feelings. And often the music is so soothing that you’ll find yourself relaxing.

Hypnosis isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to let someone else into your mind and thoughts. If you’re free enough to do that, hypnosis might be something to consider if you have something you want to conquer in your life.



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