Hypocalcaemia, signs, symptoms and remedies

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Hypocalcaemia is a group of symptoms that appear when the level of calcium from the blood decreases abnormally. We often hear about women who complain of dizziness, fainting-like sensations and accelerating breathing. After prescribing some calcium all these symptoms disappear.

Calcium is a vital element for both women and men, but it seems that women are most affected by a loss of calcium. In women the risk of hypocalcaemia increases mostly after menopause has installed.

A great quantity of calcium is stocked in the teeth and the bones. The lack of calcium can lead to spasmophilia, which is an acute manifestation, but as well to chronic manifestations like osteoporosis or rachitism. It does not matter how old you are, as hypocalcaemia can occur even if you are young or old.

Calcium also plays and important part in our body’s metabolism: it helps the blood to coagulate; it eases the absorption of vitamin B12 and along with magnesium it plays and important part in the muscular contractions.

The human body needs a daily intake of calcium and we should all focus on consuming milk and all sorts of cheese instead of taking supplements of calcium. Children and pregnant women need more calcium than and adult and this is why they should consume more calcium rich aliments than normally.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid hypocalcaemia:

-eat daily cheese, milk, or yoghurt, green vegetables, bread and whole cereals.

- avoid coffee and give up smoking;

- take a daily supplement of calcium for 15 days a month from September till April;

- eat bee products like honey and propolis.

- take sunbaths during the summer days (but not when the sun is too hot) as they help calcium absorb and fix better in the body;

- eat bananas as they bring to your body potassium which help calcium remain in the organism.




  1. Whoa…scary symtoms. Nice description though :)

  2. eat bananas is the best and easy treatment to remain calcium in our body…

  3. Bottom line: Milk does the body good. =)

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