Ideal weight: BMI versus waist-hip ratio

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Ideal weight: BMI versus waist-hip ratio

Below display a snippet from an article published on the Event Day which we want to make some specifications:

” A new indicator of ideal weight

Nutrition experts propose a new way of calculating the ideal weight: the ratio of waist and hips. This method was more accurate if you’re prone to heart disease.
body mass index (BMI), which is the result of the relationship between weight and height squared, is the best method of calculating the optimal weight. For over 20 years, BMI is used for determining a patient’s obesity. As weight is greater, the greater the risk of diabetes or various forms of cancer.
According to World Health Organization, BMI is unfinished but a method to detect risks of obesity. The index does not take into account other factors such as body fat mass and fat distribution on the body. New medoda proposed by experts, the ratio between waist and hips, more accurately indicate the risk of suffering from heart disease. ”

It is a total confusion between … apples and pears. Why? For this indicator does not refer to ideal weight , but the cardiovascular risk .

This “new indicator” calculated as the ratio of abdominal circumference measured at the navel (cm) / hip circumference measured over large trohanterele (cm) was first brought up by Dr. Devendra Singh of the University of Texas in 1993! What significance does this indicator? Provides valuable information regarding the health and fertility .

Normal values ??of this indicator are around 0.7 women and 0.9 men.

Women with index value around 0.7 are normal secretion of estrogen, which makes them less likely to develop cardiovascular disease, ovarian cancer or diabetes. And not only that! Ladies, regardless of weight, waist circumference that were around 70% of the circumference of the hips are more sexually attractive to men, regardless of culture, race, reli



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