Identifying Signs of A Yeast Infection

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Yeast infection is a very common occurrence and is one of the top and highly morbid sexually transmitted infections. The thing with a yeast infection is that it can occur even without us being infected with another person through sexual contact. Yeast infection may occur even with being unhygienic because yeast normally clings into our body in normal amounts. There are areas in our body where yeasts are considered normal flora and very tolerable in small amounts. However, when the number of yeasts multiplies exponentially, this commences a yeast infection.

It may be tricky to identify whether you have a yeast infection or another form of sexually transmitted infection because some signs and symptoms are similar to all STIs. Yeast infections may also present in a gradual fashion and may start as a simple irritation which you may neglect. However, signs and symptoms of this condition may progress and become so uncomfortable.

Yeast infection may be cured in a number of ways. First is through medications like antifungal topical ointments and creams. Also, home remedies for yeast infection can work effectively like using yogurt and salt solution.

Signs of a yeast infection may vary among ages, gender and condition of the persons suffering from it. Here is a short summary of these common signs of a yeast infection:

Signs of A Yeast Infection In Women

The common sign of yeast infection among women is what we usually call a “Cottage Cheese” appearance because of the creamy white and thick discharge that comes out of an infected person’s vagina. Also, this certain discharge can cause itchiness and discomfort in the perineal area. Pain during sexual intercourse as well as difficulty while urinating can occur most commonly.

Signs of A Yeast Infection In Infants

Infants are not exempted from this condition as they may get it from their mothers if the woman is infected during delivery. Oral candidiasis is common among infants and is also commonly called oral thrush. An oral thrush appears as a white patch above the tongue or in the interior aspects of the cheeks and oral cavity. These thrushes may appear like milk curds but these can hardly be wiped. Using a blade or a fine-edged instrument in scraping these curdish materials can lead to tongue or gum bleeding.

Also, the tongue and oral cavity may appear red and swollen. These thrushes can lead to difficulty feeding and eating. It is very important to keep the infant well hydrated in order to prevent the drying of these oral thrushes and promote their healing.

Yeast infection may also occur in an infant’s skin especially the areas with skin folds, the butt and genital area where diaper put pressure on, etc. Signs of a yeast infection on these areas may present as red flat rashes with sharp edges. These rashes will definitely cause itching and pain.

Yeast infection may also occur in men but it happens rarely compared to how it affects the female population. Regardless of the age, gender and condition of a person, yeast infection should be treated to avoid skin breakdown and possibly, complications in the reproductive system. Seek your doctor’s advise as to how you can remedy yeast infections.



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