Identifying Symptoms of Knee Injury

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The knee has a simple purpose. It needs to flex (bend) or extend (straighten) to allow the body to perform many activities like runningwalking, kicking, and sitting. However, if the knee or some of its parts have been damages it may not function properly, causing the person a great deal of discomfort which at times can even lead to disability. Moreover, the distress or the symptoms that knee injuries can cause is much more troublesome than the injury itself.

Some of knee injury symptoms are mild depending on the severity of the injured part and involvement of its accessory structures. First on the list is pain. Knee pain may vary from mild to moderate and even to severe. Pain is brought about by number of factors. It can be caused by inflammation and swelling sustained from the knee injury symptoms which puts pressure to the nerves and pain receptors. Also, pain is the most uncomfortable symptom of any knee injury, because it is really debilitating especially if the person is suffering from a severe pain. It can cause an enormous stress on the person making him/her put out of action. However, pain can be treated by analgesics, although it would only cause a symptomatic relief. If you would like to totally eradicate pain, the cause of which must be first established and treated.

Swelling is another thing in the list knee injury symptoms.  It is also called as “water on the knee” or “knee effusion.” Swelling can be both acute and chronic, and either should be treated immediately because it can cause further injury to the patient, if it is not treated, it will just worsen. Most probably the cause of the swelling would be the activation of the body of its inflammatory response to contain the injury sustained from the accident. It is usually managed by applying cold compress which constricts blood vessels, hence, reducing the inflammation. Also, elevation of the affected limb is advisable.

Other knee injury symptoms are popping or crunching noise in the knee. This can be brought about by the dislocation of some structure inside the knees which in turn collide with other structures, producing a popping like sound. This should be taken seriously for it can lead to some disabling injury in the future. Seek medical advice immediately.

“Locking” or inability of the leg to straighten is one common manifestation of knee injury. It can be caused by the misalignment of the structures of the knee. Remember, the knee has a complex structure, and once its structures are dislocated or misaligned it can cause the knee to malfunction, making it unable to be straightened. This symptom is also alarming, because it will make the person unable to use the affected limb for mobilization, thus, a medical help should be seek right away.

These knee injury symptoms are indeed stressful and put the person affected with knee injury into distress. If ever you encounter an accident involving your knee, do not hesitate to consult your doctor for medical advice. It is much better to treat your symptoms earlier than late or never.




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