Ignorance About Disease and Diet in South Africa

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An extensive research was undertaken by CDIA and MRC in partnership with HSF along with Pharma Dynamics. They exposed the unhealthy eating habits and alarming misconceptions of many South Africans during their chronic illness like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes which are all associated to poor lifestyle and diet are reaching outbreak proportions in the country. The investigator with focus teams from 4 varied provinces has exposed that less number of households modifies their diet following a family member is detected with a chronic disease. The respondents frequently alter the diet of the influenced relative with the other family members continuing to eat and cook as before. Once respondent said the general feeling by communicating the investigators that they do not see the point as to why they should change the diet.

The respondents say that they are not going to turn diabetic so why to cook the influenced individual’s food healthy while we take pleasure of the fun food. The senior researcher from MRC says that although most of them might be aware of the importance of healthy diet in the management of chronic diseases as the practitioners of healthcare provide them with detailed information at the time of detection. Still only 5% of the volunteers know about the association amid preventing chronic disease and diet. The researchers say that almost all respondents said getting nutritional information from their practitioners of healthcare, however that this was frequently a general notion, around the requirement to eat healthy food. Fewer respondents recalled being told to consume less fat and salt and to consume more water. Few came away with the recognition that they were now not allowed from consuming a long list of foods, which they considered were demotivating, unsympathetic and unrealistic.



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