Immunization Among Adults Should Be Given Enough Attention

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With the increasing number of diseases which appear every year, the general public is reminded by the experts to boost their health and observe good and well healthy lifestyle. Many health care professionals and researchers are making extensive strategies and measures in order to protect the public against the possible diseases which can cause great harm to them. One of these strategies is to improve the immune system of the general public against many microorganisms that is actually present in the environment. This is through immunization and vaccination. Up to this date, there are already many communicable diseases which can be prevented through immunization. Many government states have made laws which actually support this cause of immunizing the general public and achieving better health outcomes. However, many adults now are not considering this strategy anymore.

Recently, according to experts, the general public must not only look into having healthier lifestyle, but also consider immunization as part of their health checklists. This was further supported by a study conducted about the adults receiving immunizations which appears in the December issue of journal Canadian Family Physician.

In fact, findings from a national survey which was conducted in the year 2006 reported that in general, there were only few percentages of adults who are receiving immunizations and vaccines against the debilitating communicable diseases. Specifically, the details of the survey revealed that only about 47 per cent of adults were given shots for tetanus, and only about 39 per cent of the adults have received pneumococcal vaccine which fights against severe infections that affects the blood, the brain and the lungs.

According to Vivien Brown, an adjunct associate professor of McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine who lectures extensively to doctors and other health care professionals across Canada, Brown said: “although immunization might not prevent clinical illness in adults, it is clear it leads to decreased severity of illness and fewer deaths.”

Moreover, the researchers called for the attention of many doctors and physicians to educate their patients about the necessity and benefits of having immunization which protects them from the possible complications that many diseases can bring. Prevention is a very important concept that should be inculcated in the minds of the general public. However, there are many physicians who do not have enough time in conducting comprehensive healthcare checklists which can identify where an individuals is receiving vaccinations and immunizations or not.





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