Impacts of Sun To Health—Subject of Future Studies

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Investigators are going to research how intense the sun exposure influences general health and the HIV amid the individuals of South Africa, said an expert. Little focus has been given to the impacts of sun exposure on the health of human beings, particularly the solar ultraviolet radiation exposure along with precise measures to avert them in South Africa. The CSIR had various answers which are not answered in this specific area of research, particularly in South Africa amid the various ethnic groups, for instance the implications for AIDS and HIV.

The main objective of the research:

The researcher is linked to the environmental section and natural resources of the CSIR, where the research programme was introduced in Pretoria. With the major impact of solar UV radiation being skin melanoma, immune suppression and ocular diseases, the investigation program which is targeted to ascertain unfamiliar diseases and how to avert them amid the South Africans. The introduction initiated with a seminar where the investigator and other keen parties can share their interests, problems and knowledge. A lecturer from the Cape Town University, Lester Davids, whose investigation paid attention on the use of skin as underlying factor to acknowledge the basic biological functioning of skin cancer, debated the state of skin cancer in nation South Africa.

The researcher said that with South Africa 2nd to Australia when it came to discussion of skin cancer, it was prominent for dark-skinned individuals to initiate caring for and defending their skins. The researcher considers that they require addressing, specifically in this nation that the occurrence of skin cancer in individuals with darker skin is on high. However the thing is that the individuals feel with darker skin these individuals are more protected and do not require sunscreen or any kind of protection.



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