Implants May Avert Unwanted Teen Pregnancies

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More than half of the teenagers and young females who have given birth are pregnant again and again within the year- however the recent study recommends giving recent mothers a contraceptive implant ahead they left the hospital the initial time around could aid in preventing those frequent repeated pregnancies. The contraceptive implants are put under the skin, particularly in the female’s upper arm and gradually produces hormones. In US the only contraceptive implants which are available are the ones which include the progestin hormone etonogestral and are advertised under Implanon, a brand name. It is similar in size like that of a match stick and can avert pregnancy for nearly 3 years after it has been implanted.

Hypothetically, urgently following the delivery of the baby is a perfect time for the young mother for implanting the contraceptive however the data on how well that technique works is rare, as per a main researcher. The main researcher along with her colleagues submitted that in a periodical every 100 adults who turned out to be pregnant again in the same year were in the age bracket 12-49. And when compared to a teen’s first delivery, her 2nd delivery faced almost 3 times the threat of preterm and stillbirth delivery. As per US medical eligibility, these are no limitation on its use. The recent results are from a research of adults in a postnatal and prenatal counseling and cure program which included 171 young mothers who had opted for getting the contraceptive implanted urgently after giving birth to their 1st child and around 225 who opted to use other contraceptive techniques.

The only limitation for the females in using this contraceptive would be its price along with the fee of the doctor who will be implanting the same.



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