Important sources of calcium

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1. Overview

Calcium is an essential mineral for the body that is found mostly in milk composition and other foods that can be part of anyone’s daily diet.

Calcium helps build strong bones and keep them strong, contributing to the fight against osteoporosis, rickets, support muscle and nerve function and reduce the risk of blood clots. Calcium is a vital mineral for the health of everyone.


1. Overview
2. 10 sources of calcium

2. 10 sources of calcium

- Sardines – 100 grams of sardines provides about 370 mg of calcium to the body. They have more calcium than a cup of milk. Sardines should be eaten with all the soft bones because they contain less than half the amount of calcium that can be found in fish.

- Yogurt – Yogurt offers not only body beneficial bacteria that keep the immune system strong, keep the digestive tract healthy, containing 300 mg calcium per cup.

- Salmon – Salmon is known for its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, but it also contains a considerable amount of calcium (100 grams of salmon provides the body 180 mg calcium). Beside all these, it is a delicious alternative to chicken, beef or pork, so it can be a good source of calcium.

- Black molasses – Added to a cup of tea makes it a refreshing drink. In addition, the amount of calcium in this food is quite important.

- Amaranth – These beans are some of the healthiest; it is found as a part of the composition of various types of cereals and biscuits. A cup of these beans provides 150 mg of calcium and body can be an excellent alternative to pasta or rice.

- Tofu – Tofu can be a substitute for chicken or beef. It can be eaten with french fries or marinated in your favorite flavors. About 100 grams of tofu contains 125 mg of calcium and a significant amount of isoflavones that provide health benefits.

- Beans – can be consumed as food, soup or salad. This food is an important source of protein, fiber and calcium. Whatever type of beans, half a cup will bring the body intake of 60-100 mg of calcium.

- Almonds – eaten separately or in various dishes, they are one of the tastiest ways to meet the daily recommended calcium. A quarter cup of almonds contains 95 mg of calcium and an excellent source of fiber, protein and monounsaturated fat.

- Sesame seeds – They can flavor any dish, especially when fried. One teaspoon contains 90 mg of calcium.

- Turnip greens – Half a cup of cooked kale leaves contains about 95 mg of calcium.

- Spinach – Although it is known that spinach contains lot of iron, vitamin K or vitamin A, is known less as this green leafy vegetables contain a not insignificant amount of calcium. A cup of steamed spinach contains 122 milligrams of calcium and 45 calories.



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