Improper sleeping hours can spoil your fat loss program

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The researchers at Chicago University have now found that people on dieting who reduce their sleeping time cannot shed accurate fat that they should actually by following a hard and strict eating schedule. The scientists further say that it is good to ensure that the dieters do not skip their night’s sleep because it can halve their fat loss.

As per the researchers, skipping sleep contributes in increasing the production of hormone known as ghrelin which suppresses the fat burning procedure and the overall physical activity thereby boosting hunger. Chicago University’s Professor, Plamen Penev who led this study reported that if the dieter’s aim is to lose fat, cutting on sleep is just like poking unnecessary sticks in the wheels.

As for the study, the Professor and his colleagues appointed ten oversized yet healthy volunteers for a time period of four weeks. For first fortnight, the volunteers were permitted to sleep for eight and a half hours and then for the second two weeks, they slept for five and a half hours. During the event, the volunteers slept for about seven hours and twenty four minutes in first part and then 5 hours 14 minutes in second part.

Telling about the findings in periodical Annals of Internal Medicine, these researchers reported that high ghrelin levels have been shown to cut down the energy expenditure, promoting fat retention, stimulating food and hunger and thus increasing the production of hepatic glucose in order to support accessibility of fuel to the tissues that are glucose dependent.



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