Improving Emotional Intelligence With Meditation

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School teachers who faced a short but comprehensive programme of concentration or meditation were less stressed, anxious and depressed and more compassionate besides being aware of other individual’s feelings, as per a recent study led by UCSF. This study blended medieval medication procedures with the most present scientific methods for controlling emotional behavior of any individual.  Teachers who underwent this short yet comprehensive programme were more compassionate and calm, as per a recent study led by UCSF. A main characteristic of most of the religions is that they stress on meditation, which is practiced by millions of people all over the globe as one of the most significant part of their spiritual beliefs and to get rid off from the psychological problems, enhance their self awareness and to remove the evil things from their mind.

The earlier study has proved that there is association amid the positive changes that take place in the blood pressure, pain and metabolism, however less is known concerning the particular emotional change which results from the practice.

How was the study conducted?

The recent study was conducted and designed to develop novel techniques to diminish destructive emotions while enhancing the emotional and social behavior. The research shall be printed in the periodical Emotion by Margret Kemeny, PhD. The conclusions of this research recommend that augmented awareness of intellectual processes can have significant influence on the emotional behavior, said the leading author of the study Margret Kemeny.

The research is specifically significant as opportunities for reflection and contemplation appear to be fading in our technology and fast driven culture. Approximately 82, teachers were selected who aged from 25-60 years. They were selected as their work is very stressful and also the meditation skills which they learnt can be very useful in their daily lives, likely trickling down to benefit their school students.



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