Incidences of Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol Drinking Decreased Among Teens

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The growing health issues on cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol drinking have been combated by the government and many health care professionals because of the increasing potential health risks that the general public has to face in the future. These health issues have been also significantly evident among teenagers considering that there are increasing number of teenagers who are indulge into cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol drinking.

This is viewed as something that can be very detrimental to their health and education because of the untoward effects that these teens may suffer in the long run. Hence, as a response to these health issues, many government states have established laws and policies which forwards responsible smoking and alcohol drinking. This is in an attempt to actually lessen the number of teenagers who are getting into these bad habits.

Recently, according to the report of a national survey, the numbers of teenagers in the United States who are into alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking have been decreasing. It seems that the new record shows that the consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking has reached its lowest point comparing it to the records of the past decades. However, the survey also showed that despite the good news, the use of marijuana still remains on the mainstream.

According to the findings of the national survey which surveyed about 46,773 students from 400 schools, the percentage of young teenagers who are lighting up their cigars significantly dropped down as compared to the previous records from the past years.

Specifically, surveys among those teenagers who belong to the age group between 17 to 18 years who are most likely in their 12th grade of being a high school student revealed that about 18.7 per cent of them were still smoking. That is compared to about 36.5 per cent of teenagers of the same age who reported that they are smoking back in the year 1997. In addition, Smoking among pupils who are in their 8th grade reported a decreased of 6.1 per cent from 21 per cent since 1996.

Moreover, the findings also showed a decrease in teens that are consuming alcohol. Among the 12th graders reports showed 63.5 per cent from 74.8 per cent in 1997, and for the 8th graders reports revealed 26.9 per cent from 46.8 per cent since 1994. Although improvements have been observed, still the use of marijuana among teens remained steady.





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