Increasing the Price for Healthcare Might Trouble Corbett

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Harrisburg—Because of the financial crisis faced by Pennsylvania, the potential of the increasing of healthcare price is quite big. The state has spent about $1 billion on the health sector in 2010 and it will be homework for the newly elected governor Tom Corbett to solve the matter. It is in line with his promise during the campaign that he will decrease the state’s debt without having to increase the tax rate or any other cost on his administration. As he is now elected, he certainly has to prove his promise despite the financial crisis faced by the state.

As he has no power to heal people or make people healthier, he definitely has to find the way out for the healthcare matter in the state. It will not be an easy job for him because he has made the promise of not increasing any fee, including the healthcare price although the state’s budget is very limited. Nonetheless, he eventually has to cut the Medicaid to solve the matter because the state can no longer provide more expense on the health sector. This might trouble Corbett though because at the beginning of his administration, he has failed on keeping his promise about not increasing any fee.



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