India, Slashed Off From WHO Polio List

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India was taken off from the listing of polio widespread nations by the WHO on Saturday, thus marking an enormous success for the workers of health who battle the crippling disease. This gives them the hope that they can finally eliminate polio not only country like India but from the absolute earth, says Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. The announcement left only 3 nations with endemic polio – Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. India which last submitted a new polio case 12 months ago, now shall have to be declared free form polio for the coming 2 years to be evaluated to have eliminated the disease, puts forward Natela Menbde, WHO spokesperson in India.

Indian government has coordinated an immense effort to get rid of the terrible scourge of disease polio which has frightened the lives of many children in the nation. Singh addressed a polio summit which was held in New Delhi. But the actual credit for the success of India, in handling polio goes to the hardworking volunteers who frequently vaccinated the children, he added. They visited railway stations, slums, bus stops and construction sites, using various modes of transportation to reach even the far flung corner of the world. The victory of the hard work proved that the team work pays.

Ghulam Nabi Azad, Health Minister said that he has got a letter which stated that the WHO has taken off the name of our country from the listing of polio widespread countries owning to the noticeable success that the nation has made in the last year. In the year 2009, India accounted for half of all cases of the world, but the infection dropped to 42 in the year 2010 and not even a single in last year.  The government of the country has already spent nearly $2 billion on the elimination of the polio.




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