Individual’s Left Side is the Best Side

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Wondering which your best side is? Well the answer is that it might be your left cheek, as per the recent research by James Schirillo and Kelsey Blackburn from the Wake Forest University from the United States. Their research displays that the pictures of the left side of individual’s face are considered and rated as much pleasing than the images of the right side of individual’s face, particularly because of the fact that they presented a superior concentration of emotion on the left part of the individual’s face. The research is posted in an online periodical Experimental Brain Research. Few others could ascertain the human sentiments in large region from the facial expressions.

The extremely expertise facial muscles have the ability to express various exceptional sentiments. The investigators recommended that the left portion of the face is much superior and energetic at times of emotional expression. It is even worth noticing that the Western artists’ pictures particularly present the participants’ left side profile. Schirilli and Blackburn researched if there are dissimilarities in the perception of the right and left sides of the face in actual real life images of the participants. The investigators say that their findings recommend that the left cheeks of posers appear to display a greater passion of sentiment which also investigators discover much aesthetically pleasing.

The left side of brain is much in control:

The results of the research provides back-up for numerous concepts and theories – the assumption of lateralized sentiment and right hemispheric control with the right portion of the brain regulating the left portion of the face at times of emotional expression. The subjects were asked to rate both side’s pleasantness of men and women faces on the grey scale snaps. It was found that the left portion of the face was highly and pleasingly rated as compared to the right one.




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