Individuals with Arthritis Can Actually Exercise

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As many known diseases which are related to lifestyle are appearing into the mainstream, the general public gets more and more conscious about their health which leads to actions that can boosts their vitality and health status such as exercising, and engaging into physical activities. However, there are some individuals who would like to engage into exercises, but then, they are afraid to do so because there are some factors which are hindering them such as the pain that is brought about by arthritis. Hence, other individuals with arthritis are left sedentary and often engaging into simpler activities because of the fear that the pain may again attack anytime they will engage into physical exercises.

But, according to experts, doing exercises and physical activity is a vital part of the management of arthritis because these exercises can actually help relieve the pain and improve the flexibility of the affected joints.

Arthritis is considered as the inflammation of the joints, most especially those joints which are called the weight bearing joints. This is because those joints which bear weight are the ones which are often exhausted due to some heavy and strenuous activities. There are different types of arthritis, but one thing is common, it is the pain that makes the people affected by the disease feel debilitated. Some of the clinical manifestations of arthritis include: pain of the joints when moving around, and stiffness of the joints.

Many experts say that involving in some less strenuous and less demanding exercises can actually help the individual with arthritis. This is because through the simple exercises, the circulation of the blood to the affected joint is facilitated which means more nutrients are being supplied to that body part, then as well foster the healing of the damage part. There are also other ways in relieving a person from the pain of arthritis such as applying warm compress.

Moreover, according to United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, low impact exercises can actually offer health benefits to individuals who are suffering from arthritis without causing any undue and additional pain to the individual while doing the exercises. Some of the recommended exercises include those exercises which strengthening the muscles such as weight training and calisthenics; aerobic exercises such as biking, swimming, dancing, brisk walking, and gardening; and exercises which improves balance such as walking backward.



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