Individuals with HIV Infection Not Taking Control Medications

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The constant battle against the incurable HIV infection is still on the mainstream because of the seemingly increasing number of individuals who are getting infected by the disease every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) already branded HIV/AIDS to reach the pandemic level alert. This means that the disease has already affected not only one country, but many countries and continents around the globe.

Researchers and scientist are still on the struggle to find cure to this disease to save lives of many individuals who are already suffering from this disease and to help protect many individuals who are at risk of acquiring the disease. Medications such as those antiretroviral drugs are currently being advised by many health care professionals for patients with HIV infections because these drugs can actually slow down the disease process, thus, haltering the progression of the infection, but still not curing the disease.

Recently, according to the reports made by federal health officials, only about 28 per cent of individuals affected by HIV infection are taking the necessary medications for the said disease. Medications to slow down the progression of HIV infection is very significant among individuals affected by the disease to take. When a person affected with HIV chooses not to take the drug, this can lead to rapid and faster rate of the progression of the disease which could be fatal and can even lead to death.

In the data presented in WebMD, it is said that “the FDA has approved more than 25 antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV infection. They can help in these ways:

  • Lower your viral load
  • Fight infections
  • Improve your quality of life”

Furthermore, “even when these HIV medications are effective, however, you can still transmit HIV to others. They are not a cure for HIV. A group of HIV specialists has developed guidelines for the use of these HIV medications. The current goals are to:

  • Control the growth of the virus
  • Improve overall immune system function and status
  • Suppress symptoms
  • Produce as few side effects as possible”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, extensive measures and strategies in order to diagnose, treat and prevent the transmission of the HIV virus should be intensified. There should be widespread awareness about the disease process of HIV/AIDS which should reach the grass roots level in order to prevent and reduce the transmission of the virus and help save lives of those individuals at risk of getting the disease.

Moreover, measures needed in preventing the transmission of the virus and slowing down the disease process is available and ready for use. It is a matter of commitment to be treated. In addition, CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden said: “The most encouraging new finding is that when people start HIV treatment early, when their immune systems are still relatively strong, they are 96 percent less likely to infect their partners.”




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