Infants’ Death Boost in New Year’s

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The United States—On the latest report, it is known that thousands of infants die suddenly every year. The syndrome is called SIDS (Sudden Infants Death Syndrome) and it is reported that the number of infants die with the syndrome is boosted in New Year’s Day. The reason for the death is somehow still unclear although many suspected the fact that those that supposed to take care of the babies are drunk at the New Year’s Day. The latest study was taking the sample from the year of 1973 to 2006 and it shows that most babies died as the result of back to sleep promotion that caused the babies to die because those who take care of the babies are under the influence of alcohol while doing the action of bringing the babies on their backs.

It is also reported that mothers that consumed alcohol have a bigger chance to have their babies suffer from the syndrome because of their inability to take care of the baby while they are drunk. It is said that because most drunken parents are usually fall asleep suddenly, they no longer able to ensure that their babies are in the safe circumstance during the babies’ sleep.



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