Inflammation may help in healing

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A recent study that found about the healing effects of inflammations leaves the age old belief busted that inflammation obstructs the overall healing process and should be treated at the earliest. This new study will perhaps change the way medics and health researchers treat bone injuries in sports players and athletes and also the precautions taken while administering potent anti-inflammatory drugs because its main results showed that bone injuries may be treated in a better way with the help of inflammations. It has opened major avenues for looking into probable therapies for muscle injuries caused as a side effect of trauma, infections, freeze damage, etc with inflammation at the heart of these therapies.

One of the key researchers on the panel supervising the current study Lan Zhou said that this finding will help in stimulating further research that seeks to find treatment for muscle injury and at the same time means to offset the negative effects of inflammation while making correct use of its positive effects. All these premises are based on the simple yet surprising observation that the inflammatory cells at the site of muscle or bone injury produced an insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that helps in stimulating the process of muscle regeneration.

According to Editor in chief of The FASEB journal Gerald Weismann, it was very well known amongst the members of medical fraternity that high doses of anti inflammatory drugs lead to sluggish recovery of the wounded bone tissues. The current study provides the reasons behind the same.



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