Ingrown nail – general information

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Ingrown nail – is a very common nail disorder, representing a nail that grew in the surrounding soft tissue, causing irritation of the area.

What are the causes?

- Inadequate pedicure;
- Uncomfortable shoes – too tight or fixed
- Constitutional (nails with exaggerated curvature or changes metatarsal and tarsal bones)

How it manifests?

Painful when touched or permanent tissue redness, swelling finger becomes asymmetric, warmth, pus leaks.


- Can occur dissemination of local infection, such as erysipelas appearance.
- Pyogenic granuloma appearance

How is it treated?

Treatment is difficult. It is preferable that the nail is not totally eliminated (total avulsion of the nail) but no more than partly because recovery will be quick. Relapses are common and in order to limit these things, the doctor can apply a kind of prosthetic under the nail or to destroy the cells that give rise nail.

The dermatologist is the best person who can guide the optimal therapeutic approach. Until you go to the doctor do not traumatize the local area and apply antiseptic.

How to prevent?

- Cut nails straight
- Wear comfortable shoes
- Proper hygiene of the area.



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