Insulin Sensitivity Improved By Blueberries

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Diabetes is a disease that is related with high sugar level, because the body may not produce enough insulin or we do not respond to the amount of insulin produced. There are different medications for treating it, or treatment can be also by changing lifestyle; the way we eat, what we eat, and the way we exercise.

Latest scientific research shows that blueberries can aid in insulin sensitivity. In the research took part researchers led by April Stull, an instructor in diabetes and nutrition from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at the Louisiana State University System in Baton Rouge.

In the study 32 obese people with high insulin level were randomly assigned. They were subject to different check-ups such as cholesterol level, heart disease, blood pressure and weight measurement. 15 of the participants were given blueberry smoothie, and to the other people left were given placebo smoothie.

The calories did not change among the two groups and the nutrition experts took care that the smoothies didn’t change their calorie intake, thus not wanting their participants to gain extra weight.

After the experiment they saw that the blue berries had had no effect on the participant’s blood pressure or cholesterol level, nor had gained any weight. But the results were obvious on the insulin level, by making it more responsive- and this, thanks to the support of anthocyanins a compound found in blueberries with antioxidant properties.



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