iPad Augments Doctors’ Efficiency

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Rendering medical residents with individual mobile computers seems to augment efficiency, diminish delays in patient care and progresses continuity of care, a recent research shows. Outlined in a study letter, the findings encompassed 115 residents of the University who were facilitated with iPads in the year 2012 and were surveyed in 2011 about the influence of the devices. Approximately 90% of the residents put forward that they regularly used the devices for clinical studies while 78% put forward that these devices made them feel more efficient and finally 68% said that these devices avoided the delay in the patient care. The researchers then analyzed electronic medical record system of the hospital to ascertain when the individuals placed patient care orders at the times of first 24 hours of every new hospital admission.

iPads augment productivity:            

Soon after the residents got iPads, they reported 5% more orders preceding 7am rounds – while they informed the senior doctors concerning the admissions made overnight while 8 % additional orders preceding they finished their round at 1pm, as needed by the duty hours. Individuals faced a wide and augmented workload packed into tough controlled hours, said the initial author and a pulmonary critical fellow, Br. Bhakti Patel. They spend most of their time finishing the documentation and updating their patient’s charts. This research symbolizes that the individual mobile computers could make more efficient that procedure. The iPads applied in the research provided the individuals with access to the hospital’s wireless network however did not store records. These iPads were protected through passwords, to keep the personal information of the patient’s safe and secure.

They were motivated to see that this advanced technology enhanced the patient’s health care in the setting of restricted individual duty hours, said the current chief resident, Dr. Christopher Chapman.



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