Is chocolate good for health?

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A research that pooled the findings of 42 small clinical tests discovered that individuals fed with cocoa or chocolate for few months had small fall in their blood pressure and their blood vessel function improved. On average, the individuals who consumed chocolates shaved a few levels of their blood pressure and displayed improvement in blood flow. These individuals also showed a fall in their insulin, which is hormone that controls the blood sugar. Increase in insulin levels is connected with threat of Type 2 diabetes.

Numerous studies have discovered that lovers of chocolates appear to have reduced rates of particular heart risks such as the high blood pressure. But this kind of study which is also called the analytical research, cannot justify the relationship of cause and effect. Individuals who consume chocolates might have many other factors in their lives which explain their healthy health of heart.  Contrary, the novel studies emphasized on clinical tests – where the investigators haphazardly assigned individuals to consume chocolates or not and then viewed for alterations in chocolate eater’s cholesterol, blood pressure and other health factors.

The results have showed that the chocolates can have many benefits as it has improved the health of many individuals, particularly if the individuals engaged in the consumption of dark chocolates. From a practical point of view, it is advised that if the individuals wish to reduce their possibility of cardiovascular diseases, they should consume more of dark chocolates. Many studies also used cocoa drinks and cocoa supplements besides dark chocolates. But the researchers are also considering the downside of chocolate consumption. Consuming chocolates also creates troubles for your waistline. Until anything is finally proved, it is immature to say that the hot chocolate fudge sauce to an ice-cream bowl will perfectly reduce the threat of cardiovascular disease.



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