Is Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids A Good Choice?

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It is understandable how people will feel once people learn that they are suffering from hemorrhoids. Social stigma in the workplace, school and even at home can occur because of the prejudices and notion that people associate with hemorrhoids. But the sad truth is, even person who may look at you differently because you have hemorrhoids may also be suffering from the same condition, though not to his or her knowledge.

It’s true—hemorrhoids can occur to anyone—any people, for that matter, of any age. Hemorrhoids are more common in the elderly and among women in the peak of their child-bearing age since delivery and labor can lead to hemorrhoids of varying degrees. Hemorrhoids affect many people and most of them are even undiagnosed by doctors.

Hemorrhoids Defined

Simply defined, a hemorrhoid is a swollen and inflamed part of the anal stricture due to pressure in the said area when the person strains in episodes of constipation, defecation, labor and delivery and other means. Also, people who engage themselves in non-conventional methods of sexual intercourse like anal sex are prone to developing hemorrhoids. There are two main forms of hemorrhoids—one is referred to as internal hemorrhoids, since these are located inside the anal cavity. Internal hemorrhoids most often do not give rise to any symptoms. The other form is external hemorrhoids, which is the usual type of hemorrhoid people are knowledgeable of.

There are many forms of treatment aimed at completely removing the hemorrhoid tissues to prevent discomfort and possible infection of the said area. One of the growing methods of dealing with hemorrhoids is through hemorrhoids laser surgery.

Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery: How It Is Performed?

Before a person with hemorrhoid is laid on the OR table, the physician will initially run tests to determine the health and risks of the patient for surgery. Some of the considerations that will be looked into is the location of hemorrhoids, how long a person has been suffering thereof, and the symptoms that a person is suffering from.

Once the patient has been cleared for the procedure, the patient will be brought to the OR room and prepared. Once all preparations have been completed, the laser beams will now be applied to the hemorrhoids. These laser beams will numb and render the hemorrhoids free from sensation. After this, the hemorrhoid tissues are removed.

Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery: Benefits of the Procedure

There are a number of benefits associated with a hemorrhoids laser surgery. First is that it is pain-free since the hemorrhoids will be exposed to laser and numbing. Second is that it is free from incisions and bleeding tendency since no cuts will be made. Unlike other forms of hemorrhoids surgery, pain and bleeding may occur and the recovery time may be longer than that of laser surgery. Also, the chance of damaging surrounding tissues is lesser since laser is a focused beam specifically directed only to the affected areas.

Is A Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery For Me?

It actually depends on you—but special consideration must be given as to the costs of this surgery. Laser surgery is more expensive than the conventional surgeries for hemorrhoids.




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