Is Your Grocery Shop Healthy?

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Avoid center aisles and shop the perimeter, never purchase anything at eye level and examine the label well, before you finally decide to purchase. Shopping at grocery shop proves to be a daunting task. Moreover, the studies have proved that many individuals obtain their food from grocery stores and their purchasing habits speak of their consumption habits of vegetables and fruits along with the sugared soda drinks. Most of the grocery stores are now adopting and taking an active role in assisting the consumers in making healthy choices with respect to food.

You might have seen your grocery store using a certain kind of nutritional score card which is placed just right on the shelf along with the price label for any food item. The question put in the research is printed in a periodical. The researchers from University of Arizona College of medicine and Arizona State University in Phoenix hired around 513 shoppers at chain of grocery shops. The regulation group got no information regarding healthy grocery store purchasing except for the common information at this chain of grocery which had around 600 self signs which were places below the food items. The shelf signs at the grocery store observed the food items which are thought a healthier alternative as per the FDA labeling instructions and the AHA regulations.

The intervention team got an in-person counseling element which was provided by the nutrition lecturer and was delivered in less than ten minutes. The interventions targeted at marketing much healthier options representing a promising method to decrease obesity however have been comparatively understudied. The conclusion, encouraging the possibility of interventions of the supermarket, like that in the research helps the shoppers in selecting the healthy alternatives.




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