Is your child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADHD is a specific pattern of inattention and excessive activity or hyperactivity or both; it is frequent and severe reaction. ADHD is very common among the children. The child won’t show ant signs in the beginning until the symptoms become very severe and can be noticed by the parents. There is prevalence of 3% to 5% among the children.

The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder include inattention, impulsive nature and over activity. These symptoms will become less when the child id kept under control and encouraged towards interesting activities and challenges. ADHD can occur in group situations and treatment can be given by motivation and support.

The behavior of persons having ADHD varies greatly. Children are less frustrated and less violent. But they show intolerance to slightest changes in the environment. They too can’t remain in discipline. Patient feels negative and depressed. There is constant feeling of neglect and there are no interests in activities around. Young patients show sudden and excessive temper. Muscle activity is increased non-proportionately to the age; whereas old patients and teenagers commonly show restlessness, indifference and carelessness, peevishness, sudden mood swings and finally depression.

It has been proved that stimulants drugs and behavior therapy are safe and effective in patients having ADHD. This will improve the ability to get socially active, improve relations with parents and other members they know. This will produce discipline.

Multidisciplinary approach is very commonly used and best method to treat ADHD. It includes numerous elements that are interrelated and support recovery. The multidisciplinary approach includes medication for ADHD, behavior therapy and education by the parents.



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